West O' Main Farm Fresh Sheet

West O' Main farm is a local microgreens grower, located 5 minutes from downtown Tulsa. Our farm is growing and we will have selected farm produce on Agruity as the seasons change. Put us to the test and we will meet your demand and expectation for the finest microgreens on earth. Order through Agruity and you will have freshly harvested micros delivered right to you. We grow indoor year around in soil, we source high grade seeds and soil, no fertilizers or chemicals, Just water, soil, seed and water. Vital and nutritious. ***Most orders need to be placed 1-2 weeks in advance, due to the delicate nature of our product we plant per order! Please check product descriptions for timelines. Ali and Cullen Pearcy

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

West O' Main Farm has not yet provided delivery instructions

Product Size Available Price Order
Bull's Blood Beet 1 ounce package 1 $10.00
Radish Microgreens 1 lb bag 1 $40.00
Red Shiso 1 ounce package 1 $10.00
Red Garnet Amaranth 1/2 lb Package 1 $20.00
Red Garnet Amaranth 1 lb bag 1 $40.00
Genovese Basil flat (yield 8 oz) 1 $30.00
Genovese Basil 1 ounce package 1 $10.00
Cilantro 1 ounce package 1 $10.00
Parsley 1 ounce package 1 $10.00
Sunflower 1 lb bag 1 $40.00
Sweet Tendril Pea 1 lb bag 1 $40.00
Red Cabbage 1 lb bag 1 $40.00
Organic Wheatgrass flat (yield 8 oz) 1 $25.00