Wagon Creek Creamery Fresh Sheet

Wagon Creek Creamery is Oklahoma only grass fed dairy processor. Our cows are not fed grain, but are moved regularly through the pastures in a rotational grazing system. We milk our cows seasonally in order to take best advantage of the pastures' growing season. We have Greek yogurt available from late March through late November. Our other dairy products are available year round. We raise grass fed beef as well. Again, our cattle are 100% grass fed. We have a commercial kitchen on the farm where we made the best granola and granola bars. We also work with other Oklahoma produce growers when they have surplus products. We bring these fruits and veggies back to our kitchen to blanch and freeze. We also have pastured veal available on a limited basis. Our veal calves are raised by their mothers out in the pastures; with free access to mother's milk and green grasses.

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

Tulsa area customers can pick up for free at the Tulsa Cherry Street Farmers market. Contact me directly for delivery options. We accept cash, check or credit card.

Product Size Available Price Order
Granola 1 lb Package 28 $6.75
Granola Bar 2 oz Package 20 $1.80
Granola Bar 1 lb Package 4 $16.00
Whole Greek Yogurt quart 38 $8.00
Whole Greek Yogurt 4 Quart Case 17 $27.00
Ricotta Cheese 1 lb Package 25 $4.00
Ricotta Cheese 5 lb Package 4 $18.00
Pepper Jack 6 oz Package 25 $4.50
Raw Milk Gruyere 6 oz Package 23 $4.50
Cheddar Cheese 6 oz Package 10 $4.50