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Every day is an adventure at the Crooked Shed Homestead. Just across the fence from our self-built house our small herd off Irish Dexter cattle live on 35 acres of beautiful Oklahoma pasture. Our Dexters are raised with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and always grass finished. As Dexter beef is naturally lean we feed a 20% protein range cube in the coldest winter months to keep our cattle fat, warm, and healthy. Our pastures are never sprayed with weed killers or chemicals of any kind. All of our beef is USDA butchered and inspected. We love our pigs! We raise Berkshire, Hampshire and Blue Butt pigs. The run freely in a combination of pasture and woods and eat fresh garden vegetables, hay, swine pellets, and whatever bugs, roots, and grasses they can find in the wild. We put hands on them every day to keep them tame, friendly, and manageable. Our pigs are raised with no added hormones or antibiotics and are USDA butchered. Starting in August 2017 we will also be offering lamb from our herd of Dorper sheep. A very mild meat from pasture raised animals. Again, we raise them without any antibiotics or added hormones. Eggs are also available from our farm. We raise "truly" free range chickens. Never confined to special chicken tractors or electric nets our chickens are free to roam and forage throughout the entire acreage of our farm. they put themselves to bed at night in their coops and start their free forage every morning, usually before we are even up and about...... That's freedom! We can also be found at the farmer's market @ The Farm Shopping Center every Saturday morning from 8-11:30 am. If you are a restaurant owner or chef please feel free to come visit us and ask about our samples. We would be happy to work with you. Also feel free to contact us about special butchery requests. If we don't have the cuts you desire we would be happy to consider getting those cuts to you on our next scheduled processing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Greg @ 918-221-6695

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