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WHO - Redbird Ranch Fare is a family ranch owned and operated by the Parman Family. The Ranch is located just south of Warner, OK in southern Muskogee County. We have been in business since 1994. Three generations work together to bring you the highest quality products, whether they come from our pasture or our food processing facility. WHY - We chose the Cardinal, Redbird, for our name for an important reason. Each time we look at it, we remember how Redbird got his beautiful red coat. The ancient Cherokee story tells us that Cardinal was originally brown. However, because of his willingness to help others, Wolf, provided him a new bright red coat. It is our duty to earn our "red coat" each time we interact with the people around us. We chose the word Fare because it gives an air of times gone by. Fare was often used to describe a range of food and drink, such "they fared sumptuously". We hope your family will dine sumptuously on the food we provide. It is our goal to make Redbird Ranch Fare synonymous with helping others and eating well. HOW - After studying ecology from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian prairie, the Parmans have come to believe that it takes healthy soil to produce healthy plans, healthy plants to produce healthy animals and healthy animals to produce healthy food for people. Redbird Ranch Fare began practicing holistic management in 1980 on the northern plains. We progressed from students to practitioners, to simply managing holistically. The soils and plants of our pasture are simply a part of our ranch; which is a part of our ecosystem; which is a part of our business; which is a part of our town; which is a part of our community. We are part of the whole.

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Pasture Raised Eggs

$55.00 per Case (15 doz) from Redbird Ranch Fare

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