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Hello! My name is Christina Anderson and I have a passion for goats! I have been lucky to be able to combine my love of goats (and especially goat dairy products!) into Prairie Thyme Farms. 

I have always been a farmer at heart, having raised and shown sheep and goats for many years. On Prairie Thyme Farm, my life revolves around milking, feeding, cleaning, and making Prairie Thyme products in my spare time, if that seems possible! 

 Prairie Thyme dairy is located in Newalla, just outside Oklahoma City, on a hillside of 10 acres. My goats pasture browse and are supplemented by alfalfa and grain for milk production. My herd is a mixture of alpine, lamancha, nubian, and saanen goats to yield a blend of goat milk high in milk fat to help me produce Prairie Thyme's beautiful cheeses. The dairy & cheese-making facility is licensed & inspected by the Oklahoma dairy board to insure the quality & food safety of my products.

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Product Size Available Price Order
Feta (Goat) Cheese case (5 lbs) 25 $50.00 Log in to order
Goats Milk case (9/half gal) 25 $36.00 Log in to order
Kefir case (9/half gal) 25 $54.00 Log in to order
Chevre (Goat) Cheese case (5 lbs) 25 $50.00 Log in to order

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