Prairie Creek Farms Fresh Sheet

We are a small farm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, relentlessly pursuing ecologically responsible methods of growing food. Owners, Nate Beaulac and Peter Prulhiere raise Berkshire pigs, a heritage breed widely praised for the tenderness and juiciness of their meat. The pigs at Prairie Creek spend their days grazing, foraging for acorns, and swimming in the creek. They are also supplemented with 100% GMO-Free feed, as well as a variety of produce supplied by our local Whole Foods Market. They have never had an antibiotic, chemical wormer, growth hormone, or anything else made in a lab. Happy cows may come from California, but happy pigs come from Oklahoma! Nate, with a career in healthcare operations, and Peter, a sales manager with a background in ranching, have done their research and the taste and quality of their pork proves it. Disillusioned with their findings on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), they decided not to fight the system, but to become part of the solution. Instead of being raised in confinement, Prairie Creek uses rotational grazing to ensure that every animal has the best possible opportunity to thrive, not survive.

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

Prairie Creek Farms has not yet provided delivery instructions

Product Size Available Price Order
Berkshire Bacon 1 lb Package 37 $11.00
Berkshire Bacon 10 lb Package 6 $90.00
Whole Chicken 4 lb Package 30 $16.00
Berkshire Chorizo 1 lb Package 50 $7.00
Berkshire Chorizo 10 lb Package 20 $55.00
Pork Shoulder case (40 lbs) 4 $224.00
Pork Shoulder 10 lb Package 3 $55.00
Berkshire Smoked Ham 10 lb Package 3 $90.00
Berkshire Pork Trim 1 lb Package 8 $5.85
Berkshire Pork Trim case (35 lb) 4 $175.00
Fresh Bratwurst 1 lb Package 39 $9.00
Berkshire Pork Jowl 1 lb Package 20 $9.00
Berkshire Pork Jowl 10 lb Package 2 $80.00
Italian Sausage 1 lb Package 54 $7.00
Italian Sausage case (14 lb) 5 $77.00
Jalapeno Cheese Brats 1 lb Package 98 $9.50
Pork Ribs 10 lb Package 10 $69.00
Pork Chop, Bone-In 1 lb Package 44 $9.00
Pork Chop, Bone-In case (5 lbs) 10 $35.00
Pork Breakfast Sausage case (5 lbs) 7 $27.50
Pastured Eggs Dozen 30 $6.00