Okie Grass Fed Beef & Lamb Fresh Sheet

At Okie Grass Fed Beef & Lamb we raise our lambs stress free, humane and holistically. We raise Katahdin lambs, they produce a well muscled carcass of the highest quality. They thrive on a forage based diet. Katahdin meat is know to be consistently mild and is naturally lean. Our lambs are fed on 100% grass fed and is supplemented with loose minerals. Our meat is shrunk wrapped and processed at an USDA butcher.

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

I delivered on Tuesdays.. If you need an alternative date please contact me. I accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Product Size Available Price Order
Lamb Loin Chop 6 oz Package 4 $8.50
Lamb Shanks 8 oz package 2 $7.00
Ground Lamb 1 lb Package 1 $9.99
Lamb Sirlion Chop 1 lb Package 3 $12.50
Leg of Lamb 4 lb Package 1 $53.25
Lamb Arm Chop 1 lb Package 2 $8.50
Lamb Arm Chop 1.5lb Package 2 $12.75
Lamb Soup Bones 1.5lb Package 1 $5.50
Whole Lamb 50 lbs 1 $225.00