Whole Lamb from Okie Grass Fed Beef & Lamb

Produced in Wagoner, OK

Pre-order a USDA butchered whole lamb. This will be whole carcass and is great for restaurants or someone who wants to cut and wrap their own meat! (It will not be cut or wrapped) These are grass fed Katahdin sheep and are known for their mild flavor. Hanging weight of each lamb is about 50 lbs. The price is $4.50 lb. The price will be adjusted to reflect the hanging weight after delivery. They will be delivered to the processor on November 19th and will be ready for delivery on November 20th! Example of cost: Hanging weight: 50 lbs Cost: 4.50/lb Cost of lamb: 50 x $4.50 = $225.00

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$225.00 per 50 lbs (1 available)

Average Rating 5.0

Barry Jarvis

Jill I a grass fed lamb specialist...mild taste for lamb.