Whole Chicken from Grassroots Ranch

Produced in Tulsa, OK

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture just as soon as they grow up enough to make it out of the brooder house. Their pen is moved 1-2 times every day so they always have fresh grass under their feet to eat. They actively graze down the grass and chase after bugs, naturally managing our pest populations and organically fertilizing our pastures as they go. They never consume antibiotics, medication, or hormones. We work hard to make sure we raise the best chickens around, and are always excited to sell whole chicken. Using the whole bird is the most sustainable way to consume chicken- and we're all about sustainability. You're getting breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, and bones for homemade broth/stock all for one low price. Restaurant buyers: Please let us know if you need a quantity we don't currently have in stock. We would love to talk about your needs and how we can quickly scale up to include you as one of our commercial buyer relationships.

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$63.00 per case (20 lbs) (97 available)

Average Rating 5.0

Kelsey Southerland

Absolutely perfect. Have visited the farm several times. Really trust these guys and so appreciate that they're willing to put in extra sweat equity to give customers the best kind of food possible. The chickens are big and juicy and delicious. A treat the night we cook and then chicken stock for use for weeks later.