Chicken Drumsticks from Grassroots Ranch

Produced in Tulsa, OK

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture just as soon as they grow up enough to make it out of the brooder house. Their pen is moved 1-2 times every day so they always have fresh grass under their feet to eat. They actively graze down the grass and chase after bugs, naturally managing our pest populations and organically fertilizing our pastures as they go. We supplement their forage of bugs and grass with feed to support their omnivorous diets. We painstakingly care for our meat birds to ensure their quality of life, which guarantees a quality product every time. Our drumsticks can quickly cook up to their full potential with crispy, lean skin and flavorful dark meat. Restaurant buyers: Please let us know if you need a quantity that we do not currently have in stock. We can quickly scale to your needs and would love to talk about adding you on as one of our consistent local restaurants and coffee shops we supply.

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