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Emre Natural Foods, a division of Hellim Cheese Factory, is a family owned and operated cheese producer in Stroud, OK. Our vision is to bring a taste of Cyprus to America. We specialize in hellim, the traditional Cyprus style grilling cheese, as well as nor Cypriot ricotta cheese. Our parents grew up in Cyprus, where hellim is a staple food served with almost every meal. Hellim is commonly served as fresh slices with fruit or grilled with eggs for breakfast; in paninis, breads, or on the grill at lunch; grated over pasta or fried into soup at dinner; and baked into pastries at desserts with coffee. After more than 30 years of bringing suitcases full of hellim back to America from our annual trip back to Cyprus, our family decided to start making our own hellim here in the Oklahoma, and we are dedicated to bringing a taste of Cyprus to cheese lovers here using only the best, all natural ingredients. Our cheeses are made from 100% Grade A local cow's milk, and each block of hellim is hand-folded in our facility just as it has been for centuries back in Cyprus.

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Nor Cypriot Ricotta

$4.00 per 8 oz package from Emre Natural Foods

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