Eden Valley

Eden Valley is a certified organic farm. We practice sustainable farming using a variety of techniques from permaculture, intensive farming, permanent row farming, and Back to Eden style by Paul Gautschi. We are still learning to see what works for us and as we learn new and better ways of doing things, we will add it to part of our gardening style. We don't believe that one system of farming is the best way to do everything and also any system if done well can also grow all your produce needs. The main concern for us is growing nutritious vegetables that are safe and healthy for us, our friends, and our supporters. We believe strongly that "food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food". We are what we eat, therefore we chose to grow our produce without the use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides. For fertilizers, we use chicken litter and mulch. We also use fish emulsion as liquid fertilizer. It also works well to keep most pests away. We would love to give anyone a tour of our farm if anyone is interested. Your dollar is the voting power that will change the future of farming and how our children will eat and live. Thank you all for your support.

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

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$2.00 per 8 oz package from Eden Valley


$3.00 per 8 oz package from Eden Valley

Garlic chives

$3.00 per 8 oz package from Eden Valley

Chinese Chives

$7.00 per 1 lb Package from Eden Valley

Bok Choy

$30.00 per 10 lb Package from Eden Valley

Garlic Scapes

$10.00 per 1 lb Package from Eden Valley

Young Garlic

$7.50 per 1 lb Package from Eden Valley

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