Dry Creek Refuge

Dry Creek Refuge is the beloved creation of Tahlequah natives, Ben Berry and Kate Gibson. Located seventy miles east of Tulsa, in Kansas, Oklahoma, the farm is situated along the bank of Dry Creek and next to 20,000 acres of preserved Cherokee Nation wilderness area. Ben has a B.S. in Biology and has worked extensively in water quality as a Stream Biologist. He began his career as an organic farmer in Durango, Colorado in 2011, with his own farm selling produce to local restaurants and grocery stores. Kate's background is in theatrical production and performance, and she worked as a floral designer for over ten years. She is also a book editor, dramaturg, and yoga instructor. In 2015, Ben and Kate met while supporting the creation of Sky Farm in Tahlequah, where Ben was a partner and Kate was an intern. Combining their shared passion for ecology, and environmental ethics, and a strong desire to live life in a simpler way, more strongly connected to the Earth, they were able to launch Dry Creek Refuge farm on land owned and generously offered by friends. USDA Certified Organic​, we produce numerous varieties of delicious vegetables throughout the Oklahoma growing season. We are dedicated to using sustainable farming practices that support an overall ecological ethic in protecting soil, water, air, and personal health, and are excited to be a part of creating an alternate food system that is community driven, local, and resilient. Dry Creek Refuge...A Safe Place to Grow!

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Radishes 10 lb Package 8 $20.00 Log in to order
Cilantro 5 lb bag 5 $25.00 Log in to order
Japanese Turnips case (12 bunches, 18 lbs) 4 $36.00 Log in to order
Baby Mixed Greens case (5 lbs) 6 $30.00 Log in to order
Full Size Spinach case (5 lbs) 5 $35.00 Log in to order
Arugula, Mild case (5 lbs) 7 $30.00 Log in to order
Baby Mesclun Mix case (5 lbs) 5 $30.00 Log in to order
Broccoli case (23 lb) 1 $46.00 Log in to order

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