7K Family Farms Fresh Sheet

7K Family Farms is a diversified farm providing the Tulsa area with 100% grassfed beef and lamb, pasture-raised broiler chickens and eggs, and all natural pork. Our goal is to provide food as "clean" as we can. This means our chickens and laying hens are rotated to fresh pasture regularly. The sheep and cattle are also cell grazed. The omnivores (chickens and pigs) are fed certified, non-gmo grains. We strive to bring you the healthiest, most nutrient-dense food as possible.

 We welcome visitors to our farm to buy your meat and eggs! We do not have a farm store so be sure to call us before you come out to make sure someone will be here to help you.

How We Deliver and Collect Payment

7K Family Farms has not yet provided delivery instructions

Product Size Available Price Order
Beef Salami 1 lb Package 4 $8.25
Grassfed Ground Beef 1 lb Package 35 $6.25
Grassfed Ground Beef 10 lb Package 6 $60.00
Arm Roast 2.5 lb Package 3 $19.30
Grassfed Patties 1 lb Package 2 $7.25
Grassfed Patties case (5 lbs) 1 $36.00
Whole Hog each (100 lb) 3 $275.00
Whole Hog each (200 lb) 2 $550.00
Large Brown Eggs Dozen 18 $4.55